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Praise Hausa Koko

Praise Hausa Koko

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Praise Hausa Koko Flour 300g
Praise Hausa Koko Flour is made from millet with a few local spices added to give it a particular taste and colour. It is called Hausa koko because of the notion it was created in the Northern areas of Ghana. It is also common in the various communities in Ghana.


Hausa Koko is a soured and spicy smooth porridge. On most mornings it is sold on street corners. Sugar, milk and groundnuts are sometimes added to give it a very delicious taste.

Ingredients: Typically, this is made from millet.

Nutrition Values (per 100g of millet):

Calories: ~378
Protein: ~11 g
Carbohydrates: ~73 g
Fat: ~4 g
Fiber: ~8 g

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